How to Create the Right A/B Testing Mindset to Improve Your Sales Conversion

Somedays I feel like I’m King of the world. Other days I feel like a little slug crawling on the ground trying not to get stepped on.

When I first started my business, I was mostly feeling like a slug, much more effort than success, but as I improved, my confidence grew, and I made smarter choices.

In the last email we talked about creating the right attitude when you are struggling in your business.

Today I want to talk about the mindset it takes to apply A/B testing to your sales systems. Every step of the process is like lining up dominoes. They need to be perfectly aligned to create your desired effect. A little out of place and your ideal customers stop tipping toward buying from you.

The best way to keep track of how well your sales systems are working is to measure and refine each step, from first contact to the sale and what happens after the sale.

The old saying, “What you measure you can improve.” is one that will hold true for a long time.

And A/B testing is an important part of this measurement.

I am currently working with a client to increase sales on one of her products. It’s a slow process, but one that can be very rewarding.

In the variation page, we added an extra set of “add to cart” buttons. Our thinking was that the price point shouldn’t be a barrier, and our hypothesis was that if the buttons were introduced sooner, more people would buy.

Look at the charts below and you’ll see a spike, then it levels out.


In the next graphic, you can see that the variation page with added buttons has a 93% chance of consistently outperforming the control page.


The last graphic shows that people are also more likely to complete their order on the variation page. This surprised me, but it makes sense. The easier we make it for them to checkout and get what they want, the more our conversion increases.


This was our 12th test before we figured all this out, but sometimes it takes time to understand how to create the right buying experience for a group of customers.

If we would have performed test 9 and then given up, we wouldn’t have created this big win that we can apply to other sales pages on her site.

When you A/B testing on your site, you have to cultivate the scientist mind. By creating a hypothesis, following it through and not getting too attached to the results, you can significantly improve your sales.

I’m starting the 4-part video series to help you learn the best techniques to improve your online sales. You can check out the first video here. It’s all about uncovering how to create a story that connects with your audience. I like to think of this first step to improving your sales conversion. That first domino that tips your ideal people into their friends because their experience with your company was so good they couldn’t stop themselves from talking about you. Click here to learn how to create your BIG domino story.

Do you test out different sales copywriting styles, images and layouts on your website?

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