Connecting from the Heart with Irina Baranov


When you’ve lost your juice for your business you have to look back at what sparks your love for your work. It’s usually the connection to some larger mission.

In this interview Irina and I talk about the importance to connecting from your heart and not trying to be something that you aren’t. This can be hard, but also how you grow your business into something that truly makes you happy.

The best quotes from the interview were:

Click to Tweet (CtT)  – “Our words create our world.” – Irina Baranov

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. Why it’s so important to be “you” when connecting with people.
  2. How do you make sure that you are connecting with people from your heart.
  3. Why generosity is so important to being able to be successful at a networking event.

You can also check out Irina’s site and her Twitter profile here.

What was your favorite takeaway? (Just let us know in the comment section.)

1 thought on “Connecting from the Heart with Irina Baranov”

  1. Awesome conversation, Karl and Irina!!

    I love, love, love the perspective on connecting like you’d connect with a new friend. In fact, I really think that making friends is truly a skill we all need to develop more!!

    In fact, I’ve recently written about this. Not to spam your comments, but if you or your readers would like to see what I had to say, it’s here:

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