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Let’s not pretend that all companies are perfect.

That doesn’t mean that many of them aren’t very good. Companies can be amazing with the right people leading them. They truly care for their customers and employees. They donate to charity. They give back to the community.

I believe this all stems from their core values. Every company started because they believed they could make a difference while of course profiting from this product or service.

What makes them bad is if they value money over everything else. Same thing goes for an employee at a company. When they value the paycheck more than everything else they find ways to cut corners. They coast instead of doing great work.

That’s why core values are so important for the health of a company. It’s these values that help create guidance for the employees.

If the company believes in it’s core values then employees use these values to make decisions. If a company truly believes in honesty and encourages everyone to live by this value then it makes it easier for an employee to step up when he sees something dishonest.

When I work with a company one of my first steps is to help them create core values. I find that well defined core values helps increase converse. People understand what user experience (UX) they want to deliver and why it matters.

I work with a client who delivers a wonderful in store experience and after working with them for a few months I suggested that they create core values. I wanted them to put down onto paper what they believe in to help guide employees actions.

We did this a few months ago and they decided to create a poster to display in their store.

The Vapor Room company core values are a huge reason why they are a success.

I think it turned out beautifully.


What do you think? What core value would you add to the list?


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Here are their 10 core values written out so they are easy to read.


Treat each other and our customers with dignity


Express gratitude for each and every customer we have the privilege to serve


Have faith in our products and the impact our industry has on public health


Show love and compassion for the people we serve and rejoice when their needs are met. Make our customers your top priority and stay engaged


Make yourself invaluable to the organization by taking responsibility for results

6. FUN

Enjoy your time when you’re working and keep an energetic atmosphere


Cooperate and work together for the common good of our customers and the business


Always strive to expand the business, adapt to change, and be willing to take risks


Thirst for knowledge and self improvement, be aware of current products and industry news


Take pride in everything that is fair, be open and honest with your words and actions, and build trust in every situation

It’s actually a fun process that I believe every company should implement. It’s a powerful way to help show who you are and why they should trust that you will deliver great results.

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