How to Close Your Google Ads Connection Gaps to Close More Sales

It can be hard to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. You never really know how they feel when they visit your site, talk to you on the phone or buy a product from you.

It’s hard to measure their emotional connection to your company.

When you go to a 5 star restaurant you expect great service, great food, squeaky-clean bathrooms, beautiful design, great everything. A congruent feeling from beginning to end. If you go to the bathroom and it smells bad and it also has toilet paper all over the floor your experience is ruined.

It’s hard setting up your dominoes each day and expecting them to fall the right way each time.


Look at the photo above. You can see the attention to detail. The light in under the umbrella, the beautiful plants all around the patio area, and the 2nd floor seating in the background. Everything layers together for a beautiful experience.

The small business owners that care, making sure that their dominoes are set-up and ready to deliver the effect that wows. Creating this same feeling online is maybe even more important because you can’t win them over if you see they aren’t happy.

The signals you are sending to your customers from your ads to your website must all tip into each other. One falls short and you’ve lost your momentum.

I’m going to walk you step by step through mistakes people are making (might include you) and how you can close more sales.

Tip, Tip, Tip, Connect

We’ll start by covering the visual aspects of companies Google Ads to Landing pages and the main connection gaps, so you can get a good idea of how you can close your own ads to landing page connection gaps. Then we’ll talk about measuring your results to you can put your time and energy in the most important place, so you can reach more people.

The first thing I always like to begin with is knowing what is the number one action you want your visitor to take. If you can’t narrow this down then you won’t build the strong connection you hoped to achieve.

Now let’s look at how people are tipping visitors’ attention to their landing pages.

Congruency is Ying

If content is Yang then congruency is Ying. You need to have great content (great headline, images, and copywriting) to attract people. Then you need to make a congruent experience for your visitor. That means you have to match up as much as you can from the ad to build in trust when they land on your landing page.

In the add below you can see the title, which is the most important aspect of any add. It says, “Low APR Credit Card”.


Now when you click on the ad you can see that the title from the ad is nowhere to be seen. People can figure out if they are on the right page fairly quickly, but the easier you make it the less work that they have to do and the more that they can quickly trust you won\’t waste their time.

The page is also cluttered. The more that they have to filter through the more likely they will click away.


The next ad is from a third party ad trying to drive affiliate sales from their ad. As you can see they are pros. Here is the ad below.


The title is “Low Interest Credit Cards” then when they hit their landing page.


They see the title that says the same thing. They also back up ad with images that help build trust. What does 5 stars below the credit card image mean? They want to signal to you that their reviews are great. It doesn’t make it true, but it helps earn our trust from a visual perspective.


Your ad needs to be simple, enticing and clear as you can make it. The landing page must also match, as best you can, the content in the ad so you can quickly earn their trust and improve your conversion rate. The more congruent you can make each step of the buying process connect emotionally and logically the more you increase the chance that they buy from you.

* If you need help with creating compelling ads and landing page that convert for you then let’s set up a quick call to see where you are stuck and how I can help.

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