Blogger Jet Landing Page Review Highlights

Tim of Bloggerjet reached out and me asked if I would have a look at his landing page. I thought it would be a really good case study so  I said yes. There were a lot of good teachables that I could share with you. If you are interested in becoming a landing page case study please reach out and send me your landing page here.

Most small business owners get a little lost when creating their landing page because they are so close to their business. It’s hard to look at it with an objective eye.

Have you ever struggled with creating a landing page that engages people and tells your story quickly so they fill out the form?

I have to admit something before we dive into the review. I get a big kick out of doing reviews. I love the aha moments that come along with it.

They put a little jump in my step.

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In the video below you’ll learn the importance of:

  • Understanding the goal of the page.
  • Creating tangible benefits.
  • Choosing the right action color.

Tim was a little worried about his accent, but I think he sounded great. We live in a global economy, so I\’m glad he decided to do this review with me.

These are the highlights from our review.

You can see the improvements that he made based on the review we did together in this before and after image.


He made some very significant changes:

  1. Removed the 3rd part of his steps to make it feel easier to use.
  2. Gave people three ways to use his tool.
  3. Changed the color of the button to really make it pop.

I think Tim of Blogger Jet did a great job with the changes. I also noticed that he increased his social proof by improving the amount of social shares at the bottom. You can see in the video how low the social shares were.

What did you takeaway from this review?

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