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\"\"Every Twitter party is different. That’s what makes them all interesting. The idea is to have fun while also talking/chatting about your product.  There are two main ways to throw a Twitter party, your choice depends on your goals. You have to decide what is best for your launch.

I’ve hosted Twitter parties where people are too pushy and don’t use the time to teach their concepts, interact with people and they become bored. So I’ve broke down what Twitter parties have worked well and how to incorporate these ideas into your Twitter party.

The only way you’ll create some social buzz is if everyone has fun, so let’s break down what I’ve seen work well in the past and how you can apply it to your party.

Highlight Others

One of the most successful Twitter parties I’ve ever thrown was the Living the Good Life Twitter Party because Charlie Gilkey wanted to highlight other people as well as himself. It wasn’t all about him. He talked about how other people applied these concepts to their lives and businessed.

When you throw a party make it more than just the benefits of your product. Talk about why you do what you do, how your product helps people and the stories behind your success.

Tell Stories

The better the story teller the smoother the Twitter party conference call will go. By giving people concepts that they can relate to the more people want to join in on Twitter.

One of my favorite Twitter parties was with Michael Port, the author of Book Yourself Solid. He talked about his own personal issues with running a business and how he used these difficulties to grow his client base. He gave details that got people thinking about their own business. The tweets came in rapidly and often.

Feel Comfortable

There are two ways to run a Twitter party. The one you choose just depends on your comfort factor. If you choose to add a conference call to create an extra dimension to the party you need to have people that make you feel comfortable.

The more relaxed you are the more fun you will have and the easier it is to build a connection with the people at the party.

Build Your Brand

Every Twitter party has a hashtag and can be used to follow the conversation long after the party is over. I suggest to clients to create a hashtag that fits their brand, so they can use the hashtag next time they are hosting an event.

When you can get your followers to use your hashtag you can also create a community around your topic. They can support each other every time they have a problem. They just add the hashtag and see what type of responses they get. As more people use this hashtag they will also be more willing to stop by your Twitter page and click through to your website.

Insert Concrete Takeaways

Give a lot of takeaways that they can apply to their business. This is vital to every good Twitter party. I’ve had people who all they do is talk about the product, pushing too hard and people end up tuning out the message and stop having fun.

I would suggest writing down at 5 concrete takeaways you can sprinkle into the party. When you have this planned out in advance you’ll be give a lot of value and keep people tuned in.

Giveaway Targeted Prizes

The audience on Twitter is there for three reasons. They want to meet new people, learn new concepts that they can apply to their business and win prizes. They want to win prizes that get them excited.

You must give away targeted prizes that draw in your perfect customer. By giving away prizes that entice the right crowd you’ll create a party of like-minded people who want to share the experience with their followers.

Have Fun

Every party needs to be fun. If it’s too serious and dry people won’t be tweeting and wanting to let their friends know about the party. It’s why I suggest inviting people who are a part of your tribe. They already like what you do and enjoy your personality.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, laugh at yourself, or poke fun at past experiences. This will ease the tension and lighten up the mood.

Join in on the Twitter Stream After the Party is Over

Rachael Acklin of Caffeinated Business Community Twitter Party added the conference call to her party, but after the call was done she joined the people who were still hanging out on Twitter. She chatted for a half hour and just hung out with people, listening to their ideas, thoughts and takeaways from the party. I could see the connections deepening.

If you have time you should hop on Twitter after call and chat with people. This makes the experience even more intimate for them. They joined the call because they want to like and trust you. It’s up to you to engage them and help build this trust.

Twitter parties are meant to be fun and informative. If at the end of the party you leave people with a smile on their face they’ll be more willing to tell their friends about your company, product or service. When you keep this in mind your party will be successful.

What have you seen from successful Twitter parties that have kept your interest?

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