The Best Part About an Online Twitter Party

\"\"You don\’t have to put up with this guy in the picture at an online Twitter Party.

I\’m just playing around.

Every event is different. Live events are always the hardest, but the best way to connect with others.

I love going to conferences. I love how the unexpected laughter happens when meeting new people. The hard part is getting through the lulls and staying excited. The thing is that too often a couple days of high octane connecting wears me out.

When I arrive back home it takes me two days to recover. The traveling and staying up late is hard on my old bones.

It’s why I love online events. It’s a lot less taxing on the body. You can hang out for an hour, meet a few new people, and go have dinner with my family. I love meeting people in person, but being a family man I can’t travel every week. I would miss my family too much.

Eventually I do end up meeting these people at conferences. They feel like old friends when we do meet each other in person.

I’m curious…what do you think about online events? Do you enjoy them?

Image courtesy of Charlie Llewellin

2 thoughts on “The Best Part About an Online Twitter Party”

  1. I don’t realy know what is a Twitter Party,but I agree that it’s more easy to meet new people on the Internet.Some people,including myself,need alot of emotional energy when they meet new people face to face.Sometimes that realy scary,u don’t know who is standing in fornt of u,what to say to him,how will he or she react back,and…maybe he or she won’t be my friend on the future,so why spending alot of time and energy to know him better?

  2. Hi Galia, Facing new people is not easy. It’s why an online party is a good way to connect with a lot less anxiety. What’s cool is meeting people in person who I’ve connected with through Twitter. The conversation flows much more smoothly. We already have ideas to talk about.

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