How to Avoid Turning into a Frustrated Pirate during the Sales Process


As you know the sales process is a tricky one. It’s a balancing act of pulling in your ideal customers and pushing away the people who aren’t a good fit.

Many of my clients don’t like the idea of pushing anyone away, but really it’s an important part of business. If people buy what you are selling and don’t have a good experience then you must deal with an angry customer.

Arrrrrgh! Then you turn into a frustrated pirate that throws dozens of scallywags of your ship. Why did they buy my treasure if they knew it might not work for them? I wish they would have read more about it on my site.

That’s why attracting your ideal customers, showing them who is a good fit and pushing away the people who aren’t ready for your type of product is very important to improving your conversion rate.

I’ll say something to a client like if I can’t improve your conversion I’ll eat rotten shark. I don\’t do this with all my clients, but I do use this tactic on some of them to catch their attention. You are probably grossed out by that image and so are my clients, but it allows me to pause the conversation, which helps if we are going in circles. I’ll explain that rotten shark is a national dish in Iceland. Then I’ll explain that my mother was born there. Rotten shark is quite gross, but I have eaten it and will eat it again.

It helps me show my personality (connection point) to my clients and that I’m a man of my word.

Think of your favorite local restaurant. Why do you go there? What do they do that’s special? This is why I suggest that you truly own your BIG domino. Your restaurant does. They do a few things very well (a particular dish, the wine selection, the service). It’s why it’s so easy to tell the story of your experience to a friend.

A great story shows people the value that you deliver.

Go through your website and look for ways to improve your stories.

  • Stories of how your customers have had success with your product/service in the past.
  • Stories of how their life can change when they use your product/service.
  • Stories of how much you care about your mission.
  • Stories within the before and after affects of people who use your product/services (strong images).

When you tell great stories you attract more of your ideal customers. You\’ll also keep your inner pirate from coming out and throwing customers overboard.

Watch the fourth video to dig a little deeper in the Domino Connection Sales System Series to understand how I explain two of my clients’ BIG dominoes and how to put all four lessons together so you are reaching more of your ideal customers.

If you have any questions just let me know.

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