Adam Baker of Man Vs Debt Interview

\"\"Every week PBC brings you thought leaders to help you build great relationships and supercharge your business. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. 

Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt is one of those rare people who, you’ll see in this interview, is truly in tune with his core values. Adam talks about how he created his Man Vs Debt community. He also talks about the success of his Only72 sale that he puts on every 6 months. There are some amazing relationship building techniques that he used to grow his online business. You\’ll be glad you listened to this interview.

Listen to the Adam Baker Interview – 35 min 

What we talk about:

  1. Why creating an accountability journal can change your life.
  2. The best way to build a great relationship.
  3. How he gets people excited about the stuff he creates.

Check out Adam’s blog Man Vs Debt and follow him on Twitter to stay up on all the latest life style and debt reducing tips that he gives on a regular basis.

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