7 Reasons You Should throw a Twitter Party

\"\"Your business has certain marketing needs that you can’t get away from. That may range from looking to build stronger relationships with your customers to growing your brand/product awareness. Marketing is an art and a science. You need a little of both to make sure you get the results that you want.

Marketing needs to be exciting, entertaining, and engaging. The 3 E’s. If you don’t have all three you may as well throw your money away.

I knew that many of my clients were throwing their money away when trying to grow their business. They couldn’t afford to make a splash where they were advertising, so they ended up getting lost in the sea of ads. Social media is a great way to engage people and draw them in to who you are and what you do. Couple social media with a cool event like a Twitter party and you’ve got the 3 E’s all in one promotion. It’s a win-win-win.

I’ve broken down 7 reasons to throw a Twitter party. This is just the beginning of online events, so if you have an internet based business you have to start integrating these concepts into your marketing as soon as possible.

1. You are looking to launch a new product.

You may have a new product coming out like a new app for the iPad or a new book. A Twitter party is the perfect way to create some social media buzz.

You are engaging people, rewarding them, and encouraging them to tell their friends. It’s a great start to a launch that gets people talking about your product. After the party is over you’ve built new connections that can be turned into a long-term relationships.

2. Your business wants to create some buzz with online users.

Every product needs some social media buzz. It’s very hard to manufacture. You have to get people excited about what you created. The old school way of marketing would be to buy ads and hope people see you enough that eventually they visit your website and buy something.

Ads can be very useful, but they don’t get people talking about you.  That’s why throwing a Twitter party is a great buzz builder. You get to interact with the people and they interact with you, creating social media buzz. The more they tweet the more their followers join in and get their friends to become curious about your product. It’s this buzz that spreads through Twitter quickly.

3. You need to expand your influence in social media.

With buzz comes a chance to build your brand. When people are talking about you that means you can engage them. Once you are engaging them they can learn about your expertise. How you helped other people and how you can probably help them.

A Twitter party becomes a chance to influence online influencers. You influence them and they influence their followers to learn about your message.

4. You want to connect with a targeted group of people that care about what you do.

Throwing a Twitter party around a launch means you are teaching concepts that help people improve their business/lives. You are also giving away prizes that certain types of people are interested in. This brings in your perfect customer.

Your “perfect customer” is happy to tell their friends about you because they want to be a part of this experience. If they like what you have to say I can guarantee that many of their “like-minded” friends will also like what you have to say. This targeted group of people are the people you want to reach and encourage to be a part of your tribe.

5. You prefer to encourage word of mouth advertising than use push marketing.

My favorite part of a Twitter party if it’s done right is the ripple effect. When you create a great theme, give away targeted prizes, and promote it the right way. You are going to have a perfect storm of Twitter chatter.

Your topic may be to help small business owners who are looking to improve their sales. When you throw a party you are encouraging other like-minded people to tell their friends about who you are. This word-of-mouth marketing is the most coveted form of advertising because it is the highest ROI of any other advertising.

6. Your business wants to expand its brand awareness.

Your company’s stories are told by people on social media. If you aren’t engaging them and talking to them you are missing out on the opportunity to influence these stories. You must encourage them to talk about you.

Getting people to know about what you do and how you create products is only the first step, you have to build trust with them as well – that all starts from creating experiences that people want to share. It’s this sharing that will build your brand.

A Twitter party is an event that encourages sharing. You aren’t just selling your stuff, you are teaching them about what you do and why you are awesome.

7. You love a good party.

Doing old forms of marketing can be tedious. By creating a Twitter party you are creating an event that is fun and interactive. I really don’t see why most companies use online advertising, but that’s just me.

You need to learn to engage and grow your audience. You should do this in an environment that gets people, laughing, sharing and asking questions. A Twitter party is really the most fun form of marketing to come around in many years.

My Role

I do the bulk of the work putting it together and making sure it’s a great experience. You show up, hang out, teach your concepts, and build relationships for an hour. The best part is you can party in your underwear if you like. I’ve actually done this before, but lately I’ve been dressing up in my favorite green t-shirt and shorts. It’s my Twitter party gear that focuses my energy on throwing a great party.

Your Turn

Have  you ever attended a Twitter party? What did you enjoy about it?

If you are interested in throwing a Twitter party for your next product launch click on my How I can\’t Wait to Help You Page.

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