The 5 Steps to Using AI to Help You Rewrite Your SOPs

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Update your current SOPs to get better results from yourself and your employees.

I’ve been working with a small team struggling to improve their SOPs. They’ve been using SOPs for over five years. As they’ve grown, they haven’t had a regular routine to review and improve their processes.

We started mapping out what processes they needed and didn’t need. When we did this, we saw efficiencies. We didn’t need to improve SOPs that were outdated and didn’t support the updated vision of the company.

With about 20% of SOPs archived, we looked at how we could incorporate AI to help them improve their current processes.

Rewriting SOPs in a business using AI can be very fruitful. It’s like playing bridge with a computer as your partner – it won’t make your coffee, but it can sure play a good hand. 

Let’s dive in!

1. Know Thy SOPs

Start by getting your hands dirty with the SOPs you already have. It’s like reading a company’s annual report; you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Identify the dusty corners and the parts that make your employees roll their eyes.

2. Your Ace in Digging for Efficiency

Now, bring in AI like a wise old consultant who works for peanuts. Feed it your current SOPs and tell it what you’re aiming for – clarity, efficiency, or maybe just less yawn-inducing prose. The AI’s job is to spot the wobbles and straighten them out, not to run the whole show.

3. Mixing Old Wine with New Bottles 

Take the best of your current procedures (the old wine) and pour them into the shiny new bottles that AI helps you design. It’s a bit like updating the classics – respect the original, but don’t be afraid to jazz it up.

4. Human Eyes on AI Wonders 

Once AI has had its say, bring the team back in. Just like a good board meeting, everyone should have a say. They’re the ones on the ground, so their input is gold. Tweak the AI’s suggestions until they fit like a glove.

5. The Never-Ending Story of Improvement 

Finally, remember that SOPs are a living thing. They need to evolve, just like a good investment strategy. Use AI periodically for a health check, but never let it take the driver’s seat.

If most of your SOPs are videos I suggest that you turn them into text based SOPs as well. It’s easier to quickly review without needs to watch a video, especially if an employee only needs help with one small part of the task.

You may be reluctant to create SOPs because you are busy. I get it. I’ve found that creating a consistent practice around improving your SOPs saves you time and money. It’s like brushing your teeth. The first few weeks might save you time each morning and night, but eventually it catches up to you. Here are 10 reasons that you might be avoiding SOPs.

In essence, using AI to rewrite your SOPs should be fun, like solving a puzzle with a clever friend. It’s about blending the wisdom of the crowd with the efficiency of technology, all while keeping your business’s unique personality in the spotlight.

You can sign-up for updates and get the Quickstart Guide to SOPs that Don’t Suck. It’s a great way to get started in improving your team’s organizational skilss.

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