5 Steps of a High Converting Landing Page

Landing pages are a crucial part of any well developed sales funnel. They help you capture leads in a variety of ways.

A great landing page can make all the difference between someone just visiting and someone turning into a customer.

Understanding what happens when someone lands on your site from an ad, Facebook, a link from a blog, etc is crucial to increasing your conversion rate.

Do they look around for a little while then click away?

Do they like what they see and fill out your contact form?

Many business owners don’t know what their conversion rate really is. This is the norm. They are too busy to keep track of how well their website is actually performing.

Potential customers are looking to see if you walk your talk.

Maybe I should take a step back before I jump in.

Sales funnels work like this:



Most people will research you online before they buy. They’ll check out your social media accounts, website, read your blog, and subscribe to your newsletter.

Quick Story

I’ve been working with a realtor. She had a website that was underperforming. She was getting about 50 visits a day and 5-10 of those would visit her contact page and no one was filling it out. 10 visits isn’t a lot, but that’s 300 a month. That’s a 0% conversion rate. It’s enough information to know that her contact page was underperforming.

Do you know your conversion rate on your landing pages?

Like I said, a lot of business owners are in this situation.

As we dug down into who she was trying to attract and why they should contact her. We began to uncover what she needed to do to help increase her conversion rate.

These are the questions that I posed to her to bring more clarity to her sales process.

1. What are you offering? (Explain why it’s special?)

You might know exactly what you are offering, but it isn’t always clear to people who visit your landing page. Bringing clarity to this question can take a little bit of digging.

I’m not just talking about what you do for people. I want you to create an offer that your ideal customers know exactly why they should choose you. Think about how your product or service is unique and special.

I like to use the Five Whys technique with my clients when they don’t know where to start when crafting a compelling offer.

The first why looks like this:

1. Why is my product special?

Your answer:

Because I believe it can change someone\’s life.

Ask why again:

2. Why do you think it will change someone\’s life?

After each answer you ask yourself why again until you dig down and know why someone would buy from you. This is the foundation of your offer. Five whys will usually get to the heart of your offer.

2. What do you want your visitor to do on your landing page?

You may want just their email, their physical address or their phone number. Your customer’s needs vary, which means your sales funnel will need to be focused on your ideal people.

The key to any great landing page is keeping the focus on collecting their information quickly with as little pain for them as possible. Then you can focus on the next question

3. What can you eliminate to reduce a visitor’s distraction from your main goal?

The key to creating landing pages that convert well for you is to keep them focused on why they need to fill out their information. The more links and distractions there are the less likely they will fill out their information.

You have to strip away any reason for them to click away. Sales pages work the same way. The fewer the distractions, coupled with engaging copy, the easier it is to get them to take the next step.

4. What is the benefit if they take the next step and give you their information?

People are busy and don’t want to mess around with things that don’t add value to their lives. This means collecting their information will only get harder in the future. Collecting emails 10 years ago was much easier because people didn’t already have 200 emails to read a day.

I have a separate email just for people’s newsletters. I’ll check out their opt-in, keep them on my list and see what type of correspondence they have with their subscriber.

Always remember people are willing to give you their email, phone number or address if you make it compelling enough to do so. The thing is you have to make the benefit so enticing that they actually look forward to hearing from you.

There are many different ways to earn people’s trust and whet their appetite for when you do reach out to them again. Some of the best ways to build their trust is creating some valuable that you can give them. You can create an e-course, small ebook or offer a free consultation, something that can help them in business and/or life. Whatever it is make sure it’s highly valuable so you give yourself the best chance of earning their trust and their business when they are ready to buy.

5. What are the next steps once they give you their information?

Too often I talk with clients about landing pages, but then find out they don’t have a refined system after they collect their information.

You have to show your potential buyer that you are worthy of their time and attention. They key is showing them that you are the best person to help solve their problem. This isn’t easy, but that’s the point. Once you earn their trust you are much more likely to close the deal.

Your Turn

What mistake have you done or seen other companies make in their website’s landing pages?

* You can submit your landing page or sales page to me so I can check it out and I might share it with my audience if it\’s a good fit for them.

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